Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Leftover Cheeseburger

There is something deeply satisfying about leftover cheeseburger for breakfast, instead of my usual instant oatmeal.

I bought Charlaine Harris' newest Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead in the Family (#10) on Friday evening, and finished it by Sunday, which is mostly depressing, because it'll be a year before I get another one, and they're so stupidly delightful. Night Watch is interesting, but much more serious, and entirely without vampires and were-beasts.

Daddy sent me home with all the leftovers from our family Memorial Day barbecue on Saturday, so the 'fridge is full of 'brats and corn and coleslaw, which can't help but eat like summer. Strawberries.

It's been too hot to do my hair, so I've just been spraying it with curl stuff and letting it air dry. This saves me gobs of time. On weekdays, I've learned that this means ten extra minutes of sleep, five minutes of quality time in the kitchen to make coffee and pet my cats, leaving ten minutes earlier than normal, and five minutes of general time loss, because I have no other way to account for those missing minutes.

Yesterday was an epically productive day, alone in the office. My boss is away at a conference/on vacation, and my boss-boss is in China. My co-worker comes back from vacation today, and will (thankfully) resume her duties doing those things I hate doing while she's gone (cough monitoring the general support email account cough).

I am leaving work promptly at noon to install myself at the pool. Ah, bi-weekly half-day, you are great.

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