Thursday, May 27, 2010


Oh, no! A week without posting! I spent a lot of time at my desk actually working, which isn't always so. Anyway, things to know about this week:

It was very humid most of the time.
The August issue is almost finished.
I have managed to maintain strict kitchen neatness, in spite of the boyfriend and both cats.
Started reading Sarah Waters' The Night Watch.
My pool passes have not yet arrived, and if they do not appear in the mailbox tomorrow, I will cut a bitch.
My very best friend lost her handsome orange cat to feline leukemia, and there was nothing anyone could do.

Things about this weekend:

I will get to sit by the pool even if it means killing someone.
Making my not-yet-famous-but-someday-it-will-be guacamole for bbq at mom & dad's.
Maybe will try to squeeze in a high-heeled showing of SATC2, once it's too dark at the pool, and all the quac is gone.
No, that's it. Pool, quac, maybe a movie. That is how my weekend is going to go.


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