Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Summer Wardrobe

Every so often, I completely revamp my wardrobe. A function of the seasons, gifts, mood, my bank account, sometimes I reload, so to speak, and create a whole new, but complementary, look. My guy's mother sent me a Kate Spade bag from Nordstrom's for my 25th birthday. It was completely unexpected, and when I first unwrapped it, I eyed it suspiciously. It's my first 'brand name' bag. It took a few days for me to realize how 'me' the bag really is, and how it matches 95% of my wardrobe, effortlessly. Anyway, this is a sampling of my style at the moment; I'm totally in love with jersey maxi dresses, and jersey not-maxi dresses, and cardigans / shrugs of all kinds. I live in my faux-pearl earrings and matching bracelets, so look for those in future Polyvore posts. Flat sandals, big bags, statement jewelry, and I promise, always a pair of sunglasses -- this is how I will take the coming summer by storm. 

May Wardrobe

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